Amélia goes on an Explore

This world is a grand place, I am off to explore it. To learn. To live. To be alive. Follow me on my journey!
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About me

This is me. See above.

hahaha, just joking.

I’m Amélia. I was born in Florida in 1997… April 19th to be exact- Taurus I am. Moved up to Québec, Canada at a young age and have been living there ever since.

I finished my pre-university degree in Natural Science in Gaspé, Québec this May. Not knowing what to do in University, I have decided to explore the world to learn more about myself.

Keeping my mind wide open to all the possibilities.

I love so many things: Sunshine, good food, physics, chemistry, kite surfing, surfing, diving, reading, learning, stretching, breathing, moving, jumping, singing, playing, rainbows, cats, plants, the smell of dirt, wheat fields in the wind, fruits, shinny crystals, baths, oysters, dolphins, photography, cinematography, dressing up, acting, dancing, circus, comfy clothes, soft blankets, laughing, the sun through bright green leaves, music, my family, heart shaped rocks, people, arts and crafts, biking, skiing, skating, the snow, biology, math, yoga, neuroscience, water, hiking, rock climbing and SO MUCH MORE

I love LIFE!

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Contact me?



Amélia La Haye

Telepathic #: 3340922

Wavelength: 8889 m

facebook: Ho-Seen La Haye


GPS location: forever moving